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Look, stuff!

2011-10-19 10:54:00 by RoccoW

8Bit Collective:
Youtube: ptune
Facebook fanpage: e


My first live session

2011-03-21 12:43:36 by RoccoW

So last saturday it was do or die! I did a small set (10 minutes) at a chiptune party in The Netherlands, called Eindbaas. I wanted to find out if people really liked the stuff I produce. The response was amazing. Lots of people came up to me, complimenting me on my set and offering me beer. Many thanks to everyone who danced along and spoke to me afterwards. You guys are awesome!

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People used my songs! In a good way

2011-03-03 15:21:32 by RoccoW

Yea... He gave it a bit more attitude. Something my earlier chiptune songs could use. It's simple, yet I kinda like: /399408
Thank you Nathan Hajduk (RawGreen) ;)

Also, ChrisDaemon made an amazingly awesome flash around "Blargh"! He handled the music in a very very nice way. I enjoyed it :D

It's always fun when someone remixes your music, or use it for a flash. Makes ya feel kinda special. Always nice when people let you know they (sorta) care about your music^^


2010-11-24 13:25:21 by RoccoW

Posted some of my LSDJ stuff that I made on my gameboy

Ello people :)

2008-09-12 12:16:38 by RoccoW

My name is RoccoW^^ I joined about a week ago and love NG allready :) Anyway, I hope to be able to upload some flash vids on here soon :D Stay tuned^^